Due Diligence

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What is Due Diligence?

Due diligence means an investigation of a business or person prior to signing a contract or making any legal funding action. This term generally refers to taking reasonable care in transactions with other business entities.

The need for due diligence may arise in a variety of business activities and situations, such as mergers and acquisitions, partnerships/strategic alliances, joint ventures, outsourcing, procurements, etc.

The type and scope of due diligence vary greatly depending on the nature of the transaction. It serves to evaluate all material facts related to the prospective investment, detect possible deal-breakers and minimize exposure to potential losses.

Exercising due diligence before signing a deal or entering into a business relationship is considered good business practice. It helps organizations identify favourable investment opportunities and avoid costly mistakes.



Our Clients

Aboriginal organizations and existing businesses with individual projects and community-based initiatives.



Our Services

  • Pre-transaction evaluations and initial due diligence
  • Business entity and background checks
  • Project structuring for projects with multiple funders and stakeholders
  • Financial statement analysis
  • Independent assessment of business plans
  • Risk analysis and contingency planning
  • Project management solutions  
  • Gap analysis and turnaround strategies to restart stalled projects
  • Assistance in profiling potential business partnerships



Benefits to Our Clients

Our independent, objective advice and actionable solutions allow clients to get the results they expect. Our services:

  • Help the clients present their business concepts in an organized and marketable format to prospective stakeholders, funders, lenders, investors and business partners
  • Increase the odds of a successful transaction by clarifying and checking critical assumptions about financial and management capabilities of a seller or a business partner, and their ability to deliver fully against the contract
  • Help secure financing for multi-phase projects by providing advice on project structuring, determining project scope, schedule, cost and financing, need for specialized expertise and resources
  • Help streamline communication with multiple project stakeholders by ensuring mutual understanding of the transaction and project requirements
  • Promote capacity building through a combination of customized training and consultations, and by assisting clients to investigate project ideas and determine whether they are fundable
  • Contribute to the creation of successful business partnerships by helping clients determine strategic fit. Partner Profile describes complementary strengths that each party can bring to the table and what is expected from the prospective business partner



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