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Nishnawbe Aski Development Fund

Tuesday, February 20, 2018
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Resource Advisory Services

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Resource Advisory Services

Nishnawbe Aski Development Fund (NADF) believes that the key to sustainable Aboriginal economic development in northern Ontario lies in resource development.  As a result, NADF's Special Initiatives Advisor is intent on enhancing First Nations' capacity to meaningfully engage and participate in resource development initiatives where economic benefits will ultimately be obtained by First Nations communities. 

Under Resource Development Initiatives, we focus on projects involving (but not limited to) Energy, Mining, Forestry and Infrastructure (Winter Roads). With significant funding through our partnership with FedNor, we are able to fulfil our mandate of supporting community and regional development initiatives. To be more specific, we:

  • Provide advisory services on mining, infrastructure and energy prospects to First Nation communities including research, best practices and other information as required

  • Develop and implement capacity building workshops to be delivered to communities (through videoconferencing and other mediums)

  • Facilitate development initiatives at both the community and regional levels

  • Develop and distribute resources such as mining tool kits and other information tools to our communities

In addition to direct support to communities, NADF provides other value-added services and events such as the Mining Summit and forums on various resource-related issues (Independent Power Authorities (IPAs) and Winter Roads) information sessions, as well as general facilitation and support for resource development related initiatives.

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