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Nishnawbe Aski Development Fund

Friday, October 28, 2016
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Community Futures Development Corporation

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Brian Davey, Executive Director Email: nadf%23org|bdavey
Dawn Willoughby, Executive Assistant Email: nadf%23org|dwilloughby


Kimberley Bird, CPA, CMA, Loans Manager Email: nadf%23org|kbird
Charlton Thompson, CPPA, Senior Account Manager Email: nadf%23org|cthompson
Karen Shalley, Account Manager Email: nadf%23org|kshalley
Abby Robinson, Business Development Consultant Email: nadf%23org|arobinson
Lucille Iserhoff, Loans Administrative Assistant Email: nadf%23org|liserhoff
Mahogany McGuire, Small Business Instructor Email: nadf%23org|mmcguire

Aboriginal Business Financing Program (ABFP)

Community Futures Development Program (CF)

Kimberley Bird, CPA, CMA, Loans Manager Email: nadf%23org|kbird
Cory Robin, Business Development Officer (ABFP) Email: nadf%23org|crobin
Shirley Degrechie, Finance Officer (ABFP) Email: nadf%23org|sdegrechie
Lorraine Whitehead, Business Development Officer (ABFP/CF) Email: nadf%23org|lwhitehead
Melanie Harding, M.A. (Planning), Senior Community Planner Email: nadf%23org|mharding
Duane Armstrong, Business Support Officer Email: nadf%23org|darmstrong

Financial Support Services

Lloyd Wabigwan, CPA, CMA, Manager, Financial Support Services Email: nadf%23org|lwabigwan
Johnathan Beardy, Account Manager Email: nadf%23org|jbeardy
Susan King, Bookkeeper Email: nadf%23org|sking

Nishnawbe Maajijikaywin

Dan Paradis, Senior Project Manager Email: nadf%23org|dparadis
Anna Deminski, BBA, PMP, Due Diligence Analyst Email: nadf%23org|ademinski
Wendy McKay, Youth Project Coordinator Email: nadf%23org|wmckay
John Gagnon, Youth Entrepreneurship Event Coordinator Email: nadf%23org|jgagnon
Lucy Percy, Administrative Assistant Email: nadf%23org|lpercy
Derek Wentzell, Community Economic Development Consultant Email: nadf%23org|dwentzell
Hilary Black, Planning Research Analyst Email: nadf%23org|hblack

Resource Sector Advisory Services

Denise Hardy, Special Initiatives Advisor Email: nadf%23org|dhardy

Marketing and Communications

Dawn Willoughby, Executive Assistant Email: nadf%23org|dwilloughby
Brittany Millard, Communications Adminstrative Assistant (Mat Leave) Email: nadf%23org|bmillard
Li Kang, Communications Adminstrative Assistant Email: nadf%23org|lkang
Ryan Choi, Web Developer and Graphic Designer Email: nadf%23org|rchoi

Finance and Administration

Mari Bishop, CPA, CA, Financial Controller Email: nadf%23org|mbishop
Millie Carpenter, Human Resources Manager Email: nadf%23org|mcarpenter
Liesa Wynn, Finance Officer Email: nadf%23org|lwynn
Regina Jamie Hunter, Finance and HR Assistant Email: nadf%23org|rjhunter
Vincent McGuire, Receptionist Email: nadf%23org|vmcguire



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