Vince McGuire, Receptionist

Vince was born in Fort William, but was raised as a small town boy in Wawa for most of his life. He is the oldest of 4. He has a sister, stepsister and a younger brother. Both parents are deceased. He has a daughter who is engaged and an 11 month old granddaughter with another grandchild on the way. He grew up on the outdoors. His favourite sport is hockey, but loves doing archery when he can and has about 4000 hours on it.

He has attended Sault College of Applied Arts & Technology in Sault Ste. Marie 3 times in his life. Originally he wanted to be a border custom agent and obtained a diploma in Law & Security in 1994- 1996.However life had other plans for him.  He then decided to attend Business Marketing in 2000, but stopped to take care of his sick mother after a year. Finally in 2002, he took Computers as a certificate to expand his knowledge Vince decided to move back to Thunder Bay in 2006 after working in Sault Ste. Marie to learn his roots. He convinced his mother to move back as well to Thunder Bay.

He has been recognized for his achievements at work. Recently he was awarded a gift card for his phone etiquette. He has worked for 2 other aboriginal organizations in Thunder Bay. He was accepted as a maternity leave replacement for NADF reception in April 2014.  Currently, he has accepted full time in Oct. 2015.