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Nishnawbe Aski Development Fund

Tuesday, June 19, 2018
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Winter Road Financing

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Does your business rely on the winter road network to transport supplies and inventory?  To remain competitive and reduce inventory and supply costs, communities and businesses must be proactive and be prepared to begin transporting goods at the onset of the winter road season.  NADF (Nishnawbe Aski Development Fund) may be able to assist by providing financing to cashflow these purchases.

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  • Wholly-owned or majority-owned Aboriginal businesses and organizations
  • Business must be established and operating in Northern Ontario


Loan Limits & Interest Rates

NADF's winter road financing maximum is $500,000, in exception circumstances, up to $1,000,000.

Generally, NADF interest rates vary from 8% to 12%, but under certain conditions NADF may be able to offer competitive interest rates.


Application Process

To apply for winter road financing from NADF, we require:

  1. A viable business plan.
  2. Proof of equity.
    1. Applicants 18-35 years, minimum 10% equity requirement
    2. Applicants over 35 years, minimum 15% equity requirement
  3. Completed loan application.

    Step 1: Contact NADF to discuss your winter roads financing project to determine eligbility.

    Step 2: If you and your project are deemed to be eligible, you must complete and submit our loan application.

    Step 3: Your Account Manager will conduct an assessment.  As part of our due diligence, you may be contacted to provide additional information and/or clarification.  A recommendation for financing (approve or decline) is based on the viability of your business idea, as demonstrated in your business plan.

    Step 4: Upon completion of our assessment, we will contact you to discuss the results.  The amount of time required to complete an assessment of your business plan depends on the complexity and completeness of your loan application



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