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Hardy Giles Consulting

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    Paul Giles

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    106 Back Street, Fort William First Nation, ON P7C 1K5

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ORIGIN is an Indigenous owned and operated company, innovates the way people connect to career and culture. Our approach is to design, develop and deliver leading-edge technology solutions that improve access to employment and culture opportunities across diverse industries and sectors. We work with Indigenous communities and knowledge keepers to build and create virtual reality content hosted on ImmersiveLink system. in a spirit of economic reconciliation. This content is helping industry, employers, students, and Canadians to better understand how individual Nations want to be engaged, what priorities they have pertaining to culture, and how they care for the land in their traditional territories. We aim to increase Indigenous participation in the workforce through innovative VR technology, 360 productions. Our careers VR content virtually tours individuals around worksites and careers role so they can make informed career choices. Additionally, we facilitate a variety of workshops and trainings to improve work readiness.

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