Business Development

We are dedicated to your success, and our support doesn’t just end after the business planning stage.

Our Business Support Team can offer you business management, performance solutions, and assist you in implementing these solutions in your business. We understand that every business and Aboriginal community is unique and that economic development solutions and strategies need to be tailored to complement different needs.


Our Business Development Solutions


We offer a variety of workshops that are designed to promote entrepreneurship, personal financing and budgeting, business planning, marketing, and community strategic planning.

NADF's capacity building workshops include:

  1. Financial Literacy Modules
  2. Are you an Entrepreneur?
  3. Proposal Writing
  4. Business Structures
  5. Cash Flow is King & Break Even
  6. Markup and Profit
  7. Competition Analysis
  8. SWOT Analysis
  9. Marketing & Customer Service
  10. Bookkeeping Basics

Looking for a more tailored workshop?  Our Business Support Officer will work with you to develop a workshop that meets your needs.


Business Incubator

Our Aboriginal Business Incubator (ABI) program supports aspiring entrepreneurs in their quest to develop business opportunities by offering comprehensive, confidential, and free business support services.

The ABI works through assessment, pre-feasibility and business planning with entrepreneur’s to develop their skills along the way.

Through ABI, support is provided directly to community-owned businesses, and potential future First Nation owned business ventures.

This initiative seeks to support the formation, development, and expansion of new business to grow economic opportunities in First Nations communities sustainably.

Key program objectives:

  1. Increase the rate of business formation;
  2. Increase the rate of survival and success of new businesses; and,
  3. Increase the rate of development of new businesses.


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