Due Diligence Services

What’s Due Diligence?

Due diligence is the investigation of a business or person before signing a contract or making any legal funding action.

The need for due diligence may arise in a variety of business activities and situations, such as mergers and acquisitions, partnerships/strategic alliances, joint ventures, outsourcing, procurements, etc.

Exercising due diligence before signing a deal or entering into a business relationship is considered good business practice. It helps organizations identify favourable investment opportunities and avoid costly mistakes.

Our Due Diligence analysts are here to help walk you through the risks and challenges of complex transactions.  We offer independent, objective advice and actionable solutions that allow clients to get the results they expect.


Our Due Diligence Services 

  • Pre-transaction evaluations and initial due diligence
  • Business entity and background checks
  • Project structuring for projects with multiple funders and stakeholders
  • Financial statement analysis
  • Independent assessment of business plans
  • Risk analysis and contingency planning
  • Project management solutions  
  • Gap analysis and turnaround strategies to restart stalled projects
  • Assistance in profiling potential business partnerships


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