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Are you an Indigenous entrepreneur stepping into the exciting world of business ownership? Or perhaps you're seeking guidance in expanding your existing venture? At NADF, our Business Support Team understands the challenges and triumphs that come with every stage of the entrepreneurial journey. Whether you're at the inception stage, eyeing potential acquisitions, or ready to expand your business horizons, our Business Support Team is here to assist you to develop strategic, action-driven plans – no matter what growth phase you're in. 

We also offer free workshops, tools, and resources to help you strengthen your skills and improve your business know-how. Our goal is to be your reliable partner, helping you succeed in the changing world of entrepreneurship.  

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What We Offer

  • Confidential Feedback, Advice & Overall Business Support
  • Business Plan Guidance
  • Research Assistance
  • Access to Key Resources
  • Business Management & Performance Solutions
  • Implementation Solutions & Resources

Business Plan Guidance 

Check our our webinar series: Dream to Business Plan

Writing a Business Plan is a critical first-step in your entrepreneurial journey and the development of your business.

A well-prepared business plan will set you up for success and will act as a guide for how to structure, run and grow your business.  While this might sound like a daunting task, it doesn't have to be. We specialize in streamlining the business plan process and have years of experience formulating quality customized business plans for Indigenous entrepreneurs and organizations.

Whether you are starting a new business or are looking to expand or improve your existing business, our Business Support Team will help you to:

  • Research your business idea and think through vital elements of your business
  • Determine the viability of your business
  • Articulate your business idea and clarify your steps to succeed
  • Increase your chances of being approved for funding and/or financing
  • Formulate a customized, precise and thorough business plan with specific strategies, costs, timelines, goals, variables, actions, & milestones.
  • Improve your chance of success

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