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Join your host Brian Davey, CEO of NADF, as he becomes your compass through the realm of Indigenous business in Northern Ontario.

Engage with enlightening guests who will unveil their journeys and wisdom, along with the latest news shedding light on the path of Indigenous entrepreneurship.

Whether you're an aspiring entrepreneur, a seasoned business owner, or someone dedicated to advancing Indigenous economic empowerment, this Podcast serves as your pathway to success.

Embark on the journey of prosperity with us on The Prosperity Podcast – where we thrive together!

Comprehensive Community Planning

In this episode, Brian Davey sits down with Janet Knight, Registered Professional Planner, to discuss community planning. Janet shares her experience working with Indigenous communities across Canada as we explore the transformative impact of comprehensive community planning (CCP) on Northern Ontario's Indigenous communities.

Janet shares insights into the CCP process, its holistic approach to addressing all aspects of a community, and how it can help communities set long-term visions for their future. We discuss the benefits of community-driven planning, funding challenges, and how CCPs serve as invaluable tools for communities facing significant changes such as the Ring of Fire development. Tune in to learn how CCP can help communities organize their priorities and leverage resources for sustainable growth.

Candlelight Chronicles with Heart and Soul Co.

Join us on the Prosperity Podcast as Brian chats with Michelle Elliot, CEO of Heart and Soul Co. Michelle's journey from nurse to entrepreneur is inspiring! What started as a passion project crafting candles for herself has turned into a thriving business. Michelle's resilience shines through challenges like shipping delays, and her recent recognition as Startup Business of the Year is well-deserved! With scents that warm the soul and prices that won't break the bank, Heart and Soul Co. is lighting up homes across Ontario! Join us on the journey of growth and success—when we grow together, we all prosper!

Empowering Indigenous Women Entrepreneurs

In this episode of the Prosperity Podcast, host Brian Davey focuses in on the initiatives driving Indigenous entrepreneurship in Northern Ontario. He speaks with Kimberley Bird, Loans Manager at NADF, about the Indigenous Women Entrepreneurship Program. Kimberley discusses the necessity of such programs, offering insights into financing and grants tailored for Indigenous women. They explore success stories across various sectors and address common challenges faced by entrepreneurs. From bookkeeping essentials to navigating loan applications, this episode offers a comprehensive guide to fostering prosperity and empowerment in Indigenous communities.

Creating Wealth from Acquisitions

Join host Brian Davey as he reveals the secrets of building prosperity through strategic acquisitions. In this episode, Brian explores the ins and outs of acquiring existing businesses, covering financing, management retention, vendor take-backs, and tax considerations. Whether you're a seasoned entrepreneur or a budding investor, Brian's expert guidance will empower you to navigate the complexities of acquisitions and unlock new avenues of wealth creation.


Women in Business with Jamie Hunter

The Indigenous Women in Business Program celebrates and empowers Indigenous women entrepreneurs in Northern Ontario. The program offers more than just financing – it provides essential tools, business support, and comprehensive training to help Indigenous women thrive in their ventures. Whether you're just starting out or looking to expand, the Indigenous Women in Business Program is designed to equip Indigenous women with the skills, funding, and networks necessary for entrepreneurial success.

Our guest, Jamie Hunter, Women in Business Coordinator, joined us to shed some light on how the program assists Northern Ontario Indigenous women in overcoming barriers, accessing funding, building credit, and leveraging financing and support services. Get inspired and empowered to embark on or enhance your entrepreneurial journey with the Prosperity Podcast!


Side Hustles with Ajey Meekis

Side hustles are passion projects or small businesses that individuals pursue alongside their primary source of income. They often serve as a creative outlet, a way to explore entrepreneurial aspirations, or a means to generate extra income. At NADF, we recognize the importance of side hustles in fostering economic empowerment and sustainability within Indigenous communities.

To learn more, we invited Ajey Meekis, Account Manager, takes us on a journey to explore the world of side hustles and discover how NADF is championing these ventures to drive economic growth and prosperity in Indigenous communities.