Our Clients

Empowering Dreams into Reality

At NADF, we're dedicated to turning dreams into success stories. Our diverse clientele shares one common goal: to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams.

We offer a comprehensive suite of support services tailored to help our clients achieve their business goals. From financing options to business support, workshops, training, and community planning services, we're here to guide Indigenous businesses and entrepreneurs in remote, rural, and urban communities across Northern Ontario.

Our Clients

  • Indigenous entrepreneurs (aged 18 and older)
  • Majority-owned Indigenous businesses
  • Indigenous organizations
  • First Nation communities

Our Service Area

NADF supports First Nation communities and Indigenous entrepreneurs and businesses across Northern Ontario.

Our programs and services are tailored to benefit both wholly-owned or majority-owned Indigenous businesses and entities, whether they are situated on or off-reserve. We extend our reach to the territories of the Nishnawbe Aski Nation (Treaty 9 and Treaty 5), Treaty 3, and Robinson-Superior 1850, including Independent First Nations.

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