Winter Road Financing

Winter Road Financing Program

Easing Transport Costs for Remote Communities & Businesses

Ontario's winter roads network connects remote First Nation communities to a permanent highway or railway system. From around mid-January until the spring thaw, winter roads make it easier to travel and help reduce transportation costs of inventory and supplies for First Nation communities and community-based organizations and businesses.

To remain competitive and reduce inventory and supply costs, remote First Nations and businesses must be proactive and be ready to begin moving goods at the onset of the winter road season  At NADF, we provide financing to cash flow the purchase of these inventory and supplies.

Winter Road Financing Eligibility

In addition to the following criteria, applicant's must be connected to Northern Ontario's Winter Road Network

  • Be a First Nation-owned entity
  • Be a wholly-owned or majority-owned Aboriginal business 

Winter Road Financing Equity Requirements

Eligible applicants applying for NADF Winter Road Financing must provide an equity contribution.  Equity requirements generally vary between 10%-15%, but may be higher depending on a number of factors, such as the applicant's credit history, amount of financing request, and risk.

Winter Road Financing Limits

Eligible applicant's may apply for up to $500,000 to purchase and transport inventory and supplies.

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