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“I was lying peacefully by the river in the snow one winter day just meditating and embracing nature when I heard a loud crunch, crunch, crunch in the bush. I looked around and saw a huge, beautiful moose with antlers.  It was so majestic.  The word majestic resonated with me and that became the name of my business, Majestic Professional Consulting.”

Catia Carrier has been building Majestic Professional Consulting (Majestic) since 2007. She graduated from Laurentian University with a bachelor’s degree in psychology in 2000, and completed a master’s degree in psychology from Yorkville University in New Brunswick.  Before starting her own business, she worked in mainstream mental health and counselling roles from 2000-2007.

“In those days western medicine was not at all trauma informed.  It is slowly becoming trauma informed but still most doctors and nurse practitioners are still not trained in how to treat trauma,” explains Catia.

Catia specializes in trauma recovery.  She feels passionate about helping people recover from trauma and knew she had to start her own business so she could apply the wisdom that she had gained through her work, as well as her own learning and intuition.

“I recognized that there were many gaps in the medical model when it came to treating trauma. Trauma is greatly misunderstood. It is not a mental illness and people can heal it from it. It is a hugely untreated cause of suffering in our society. “

Catia loves her work and is very passionate about helping people recover from trauma.

“When someone contacts me, I listen to their story and then decide if we are good fit. Are they dealing with trauma?  If not, I refer them to the appropriate help.  I only work with clients who are experiencing trauma. I hold space for my clients.  What I mean by that is, I listen, acknowledge, and validate the reaction in their mind, body, and soul, while I help them find pathways within themselves to healing from trauma.”

Catia’s mother’s side of the family is from Moose Factory, Ontario, and her father and his family are from Quebec. She grew up all over Canada.

“I was an army brat, my father was in the Canadian Airforce, and we travelled from where I was born to New Brunswick, Canada to Victoria where he also was stationed. I lived in Alberta for some of my childhood and mainly as a teen in Northern Ontario.  I was very intuitive, clairvoyant as a child and over the years in University I had several traditional healers, holistic practitioners, and energy spiritual healers to guide me with the gifts I carried. I always had a passion for helping people learn how to heal themselves.”

Majestic Professional Consulting is situated in Timmins, but Catia works with clients from many regions. She also works with with emergency and police services. Once the Covid pandemic arrived she moved to on-line counselling and that has enabled her to collaborate with mental health agencies, and to help people all over Ontario.

Catia says her greatest challenge is still working with agencies and medical professionals in the mainstream medical sector.

“Mainstream medicine tends to treat symptoms of trauma, mostly with drugs, which might stabilize someone suffering from trauma, but unfortunately can numb them out and prevent healing and recovery from taking place.” 


picture2A New Initiative

Catia believes we are entering a new era of mental health treatment where trauma informed care is emerging and expanding.  Her experience and success with helping her clients heal from trauma has opened a new path for Catia.  She has just finished her first book about trauma and healing from trauma.  He first book will introduce the suffering of our society and the lack of resources to humans and the new era of mental health treatment, mastering the healing potential of humans. 

“When I approached Nishnawbe Aski Development Fund (NADF) about writing my book the people I worked with were very quick to respond to my ideas. With this new initiative they helped me develop my business plan and marketing strategies and connected me to the financial assistance I needed to complete and publish my book. They are my greatest supporters and I’m very grateful for their assistance.”

Catia has a dream to write a whole series of books that will help guide and educate others about trauma and trauma healing. “I want to see my book in every bookstore at every University in Canada and beyond.”

When asked what she enjoys most about her work Catia explains, “I am honoured to work with all the amazing people who strive to be well and take responsibility for their healing, people who take the initiative to work courageously to recovery from their own trauma.”

Catia’s advice to others who may be striking out on their own to start a business, “You have to be passionate about your work.  Starting a business can take time, you have to love it, and be diligent to keep it going, and then it is very rewarding.”

Catia Carrier: Majestic Professional Consulting. 705 266-7791