Community Development

Comprehensive Community Planning (CCP)


What is CCP?

CCP stands for Comprehensive Community Planning. CCP takes a holistic look at the community, including things like health, housing, land stewardship, language and culture, jobs and economic development, and governance.

CCP's are the big- picture plans that help ensure other plans (i.e. land use plans, economic development strategies, health and education plans) work together. CCPs are created by the community, for the community, and involve a high degree of community engagement in every stage of the process.

CCP's Support:

  • Community and economic development
  • Long-term change, community wellbeing, and healing
  • “Getting it right,” according to the community
  • A map and vision for the future based on community values and priorities
  • A clear mandate for Chief, Council, and staff from the community
  • Repairing, strengthening, and building new relationships within the community


The CCP Process

The typical CCP process takes 1.5 to 2 years, but the process varies between each community. The process works through 5 phases, each answering an important question about the community:

  • Where have we been? Understanding community history and what’s happening today.
  • Where are we now? Getting a full picture of the community now through statistics and analysis.
  • Where do we want to go? Developing a Vision for the community’s future and setting goals to move towards in different areas of the community.
  • How will we get there? Gathering ideas for actions to take to reach those goals, then evaluating and prioritizing these ideas to create an action plan and a strategy to implement it.
  • Have we arrived? Identifying the targets we want to hit for each of our goals, how to monitor and evaluate our Plan’s progress.
    NADF’s CCP Support

NADF provides support to communities throughout the CCP process, from getting started to putting together the final CCP document and putting the plan to work.


Our CCP Support

  1. Community-level support:  designing the planning process, funding proposal development, mentorship for CCP Coordinators, research and analysis help, and facilitating community engagement. ?
  2. Workshops and Training: Annual CCP Workshop, training sessions on specific topics, Nation-to-Nation collaboration and mentorship, and other capacity-building opportunities. ?
  3. Tools and Templates: CCP Toolkit, which communities can use as they undertake their CCP process.


Coming soon! Visit our CCP website for online tools and resource sharing, a CCP blog, and funding tools.

Our Objectives

  • Provide technical planning and facilitation support services
  • Host training sessions and workshops for CCP coordinators
  • Create CCP tools and templates
  • Support Nation to Nation learning and mentorship
  • Promote online resources and tool sharing
  • Connect First Nations with funding and resources


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