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Unlocking Opportunities: Your Path to Financial Support

Fulfill Your Vision, Empower Your Business, Secure Your Future

Looking to bring your business idea to life, kick start a new business endeavor, or take charge of an established company? At NADF, we stand ready to support you every step of the way. Our range of financial solutions caters to diverse needs, whether it's securing funding for innovative ventures, launching a startup, or acquiring an existing enterprise. We're committed to assisting you in achieving your goals and making your aspirations a reality. Reach out to us today to explore your eligibility and start the application process for an NADF loan. Our team is here to guide you through, ensuring a seamless and efficient journey towards realizing your ambitions.


Whether you're looking to access financing for a unique project, start up your business, or establish or acquire an existing company we have your back.

Nee-Swas Youth Loan Fund

The Nee-Swas Youth Loan Fund is designed to empower and support aspiring young First Nation entrepreneurs in turning their visionary ideas into successful businesses. 

Indigenous Women In Business

The Indigenous Women in Business Program provides financing and online and in-person business training for Indigenous women entrepreneurs.


Mircoloans are small, short-term loans designed to support the growth of micro-businesses or help entrepreneurs and small businesses overcome financial hurdles.

Winter Road Financing

Communities and businesses that rely on the winter road network to transport supplies and inventory must be proactive and begin moving goods at the onset of the winter road season to remain competitive and reduce inventory and supply costs. At NADF, we provide financing to cash flow these purchases.


We provide non-repayable grant funding to eligible Indigenous entrepreneurs and businesses in need of funds to achieve their business goals.  


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