Financing Services

NADF is your first choice not-for-profit Aboriginal Financial Institution in Northern Ontario.

We are committed to helping Aboriginal entrepreneur’s in Northern Ontario prosper and realize their business dreams.  At NADF, we offer a variety of financing solutions including financial support through grants and loans.



Whether you’re looking to access financing for a unique project, start up your business, or establish or acquire an existing company we have your back.



A Microloan is a small loan for a small business. Microloans are used to help cover startup costs and other expenses for small businesses and not-for-profits. At NADF, we are your first-choice Microlender. 


Winter Road Financing

Communities and businesses that rely on the winter road network to transport supplies and inventory must be proactive and begin moving goods at the onset of the winter road season to remain competitive and reduce inventory and supply costs. At NADF, we provide financing to cash flow these purchases.



We provide non-repayable grant funding to eligible Aboriginal entrepreneurs and businesses in need of funds to achieve their business goals.  See if you qualify for one of our grant or grants program to springboard your business ventures today!

ABFP Funding provided by NACCA


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