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Synterra Security Solutions LP

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    Mark King

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    186 A Main Community Road RR # 15, Devlin, Ontario, ON P0W 1C0

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    Ann Flannigan - ann@synterra.ca



Aboriginal Ownership: Majority Owned

Synterra Security Solutions LP is a licensed security provider in the province of Ontario that was formed in 2011 and is owned jointly by: Naicatchewenin, Kingfisher Lake and Wunnumin Lake First Nations (75%) and Canadian Security Management (25%). We currently employ over 200 Security Guards across all of Northern Ontario with an indigenous workforce of over 40%. We have multiple high-level clients in the mining and energy sectors that include but are not limited to: Newmont Musselwhite Gold Mine and Porcupine Gold Mine Projects, New Gold's Rainy River Project, Impala's Lac des Iles Mine and Kirkland Lake's Detour Gold Mine. We are also the sole security provider for all of Wataynikaneyap's (Watay) Power Project across Ontario. Synterra is also known for creating mutually beneficial Joint Venture partnerships outside of our ownership communities with multiple other Indigenous communities to provide employment, training, revenue sharing and additional business opportunities to the joint venture. We currently have 6 JV Partnership agreements that represent 22 Indigenous Communities across the Province, all of whom continue to benefit from Synterra's operations.

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